Gamorreans are a brutish, porcine species known for their great strength and violent tendencies. Green skinned, with piglike snouts, small horns, and tusks, Gamorreans stand approximately 1.8 meters tall. Their size and temperament make them excellent heavy laborers and mercenaries.

While Gamorreans can understand most alien tongues, their own vocal apparatus makes it impossible to produce the sounds necessary to converse in most other languages. They are native to the pleasant world of Gamorr, which has a wide variety of temperatures and terrains. Gamorreans love to hack and slash, and their world's history is marked by almost constant wars. In Gamorrean culture, females handle all of the productive work. They farm, hunt, manufacture items, and run businesses while the males spend all their time training for and fighting wars.

Gamorreans live in clans that are headed by matrons. The matrons order the males to battle at the beginning of the campaign season. Wielding primitive melee weapons with expert savagery, the males fight from early spring to late fall. While they have adapted to technological weapons, they do not use blaster and power arms in their planet-bound campaigns. Technological weapons are saved for off-planet use.

When Gamorr was discovered by traders (who lost seven trading vessels before they sent a heavily armed ship to "finish" negotiations), its people were turned into slaves. In addition to serving as slaves, some Gamorreans have managed to sell their contracts on the open market, finding employment as guards, mercenaries, professional soldiers, and even bounty hunters. Unfortunately, Gamorreans do not consider a deal binding unless it is sealed in blood. They do not believe in working for anyone who cannot best them in hand-to-hand combat.

A Gamorrean character's training since birth in the arts of war gives them a natural advantage in melee over races which are not as devoted to warfare.

Armor size: large