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license cabbie
license revoke
Usable by: Merchant (level 45)

This skill allows a merchant to use their knowledge of galactic bureaucracy to buy a license to operate a cabbie at any dock. Because the cabbie is licensed (unlike many unsavory types scattered throughout the galaxy), they can operate via space lanes typically denied to other cab services. This makes them cheaper to operate, and faster as well. Of course, licensure puts certain restrictions on where the cabs can go, and what they can carry...

The license costs 100 credits, and they are valid for up to 120 hours. At first, a merchant may only apply for 1 license(s). At merchant level 50, the limit increases to 2. If the merchant wishes to prematurely terminate the license, they can use <license revoke> in the room with the cabbie. The merchant can retrieve the profits from operating a cab stand at the shuttle office on Coruscant.

If the merchant has their own shop with a dock, players may <select shop> to be cabbed to the merchant's shop.