On the main dock of most planets, players can find a Smuggler who will provide them with quick transport to another planet... for a price. The cost of transportation is determined by your primary level, but it is negotiable, and can be altered by the use of certain items and skills.

Smugglers will also optionally transport a droid or vehicle with you, for an additional fee. Some planets do not have Smugglers, and some planets have Smugglers that require some exploration to find.

To use their services, check the <read list> command to get a list of planets that they are willing to transport you to. This list does not show you every single possible destination. Destinations not listed on their public list are considered secret. "Special" destinations that require compel or bribe are also secret.

To purchase transportation, use the <select [planet] [thing]> command, where [planet] is the name of your destination, and [thing] is the name of the vehicle or droid that you would like to bring with you. Destination names are case sensitive.