> compel

compel [target] say [message]
compel [target] feeling [feeling]
compel [target] silent
compel [target] stop
compel [target] allow [direction]
compel [doctor] heal
compel [cabbie] cab [location]*
compel [shopkeeper] [buy|sell|list] [item]*
Usable by: Any Jedi (level 13)
Discipline: mind tricks
Stat: force
Cooldown: 1 minute ("compel")
Skill Delay: 4 rounds (8 seconds)

Jedi of can use this skill to attempt to compel a living creature to take some action on the jedi's behalf. Due to the concentration required, this skill is only usable once per minute.

There are a variety of things the Jedi can compel their target to do:


  • compel [target] say [message]: Forces the target to say a message.
  • compel [target] feeling [feeling]: Forces the target to do one of the feelings listed in <panic feelings>.
  • compel [target] silent: Forces the target to be silent.
  • compel [doctor] heal: Forces a doctor to provide free medical services for a short time. This can be used on the same doctor every 30 minutes.
  • compel [target] allow [direction]: Compels the target to allow you to go in [direction]. This usage does not work on every guard, depending on the desires of an area's maintainer.
  • compel [target] stop: Compels a monster to stop following you.

High Mortals

Additionally, HM jedi (20th level) have these additional abilities as part of enhanced compel. Note that these usages may cause the monster to become aggressive!

  • compel [cabbie] cab [destination]: Compels a cabbie (*not* a Merchant's licensed cabbie) to take the Jedi to destinations the cabbie might not otherwise go.
  • compel [shopkeeper] buy/sell [item]: Compels a shopkeeper to buy or sell an item when the shopkeeper would otherwise refuse you service. Note that 'buy' allows you to buy an item, while 'sell' allows you to sell an item.
  • compel [shopkeeper] list [itemtype]: Compels a shopkeeper to list his/her merchandise when the shopkeeper would otherwise refuse you service.

Use of this skill to harass, insult or injure players will result in the abusive Jedi losing access to this skill.