The public shuttle system is the cheapest way to get from planet to planet if you don't have your own ship. Players may use the <catch> command on shuttle docks to automatically board shuttles and disembark at their desired destination.

Unfortunately due to budget constraints the shuttle network can't connect every planet to every other planet. Players wanting to go directly from one place to another should consider more expensive options, such as cabbies.

Some have an entrance fee, others do not. The non-secret public shuttles are listed below:

                Shuttle 103 - Coruscant-Soleada-Eichbaum
                Shuttle 104 - Coruscant-Sluis Van Yards-Alderaan
                Shuttle 105 - Coruscant-Rodia-Togoria
                Shuttle 106 - Coruscant-Corellia-Kessel
                Shuttle 200 - Corellia-Alderaan-Centerpoint
                Shuttle 202 - Corellia-Bespin-Tatooine
                Shuttle 211 - Soleada-Gamorr-Berchest Shuttle
                Shuttle 212 - Soleada-Bimmisaari-Rodia Shuttle
                Shuttle 213 - Soleada-Crseih Station Shuttle
                Shuttle 275 - Eichbaum-Borleias-Ord Mantell
                Shuttle 301 - Sluis Van Yards-Ryloth-Sullust
                Shuttle 401 - Tatooine-Ryloth-Kessel
                Shuttle 407 - Soleada-Endor-Jubilar
                Shuttle 411 - Tatooine-Myrkr
                Shuttle 505 - Ryloth-Kwenn
                Shuttle 508 - Af'El-Sullust