> takeover

takeover shuttle
takeover charge [price]
Skill used: hostile takeover
Usable by: Merchant (level 50)
Stat: charisma
Cooldown: 4 hours ("hostile takeover")
Skill Delay: 1 rounds (2 seconds)

A merchant can devote all his financial assets towards taking over another business. Once the business has been acquired, the merchant will gain a portion of its profits. Failed attempts to acquire another business have been known to result in lengthy legal battles, so the merchant must have the available funds to hire a lawyer if need be.

Each shuttle will remain in the merchant's control for 24 hours, at which time the original owners will muster enough funds to re-purchase the asset.

To see which shuttles you have currently taken over, type <takeover> with no arguments. To take over a shuttle, you must board it and use <takeover shuttle>. Once you have taken over a shuttle, you may use <takeover charge ###> to change the amount of credits you will charge each passenger. Profits may be retrieved from the shuttle office in the commercial center on Coruscant.