> route

route [subcommand] [arguments]
Skill used: shuttle routing
Usable by: Merchant (level 30)

High Mortal merchants can create a shuttle route that does a 2- or 3-planet circuit. This shuttle is public and the merchant gets a cut of the income.

The route will last for 240 hours, after which time anyone and anything in the shuttle will be escorted to the dock. A merchant may only have 2 shuttles running at a time.

Profits may be retrieved from the shuttle office in the commercial center on Coruscant. Also at the shuttle office, the merchant may customize the descriptions of their shuttle, and even add a few perks to attract customers...


  • add <dock1> [dock2]: Must be used from a valid dock. Adds a shuttle route from the current dock to the other docks specified. Costs 500 credits.
  • remove <route>: Removes the specified shuttle route.
  • renew <route>: Renews the specified shuttle route for another 240 hours.
  • cost <route> <credits>: Sets the cost to ride the shuttle.
  • expedite <route>: Increases the speed of the shuttle. Costs 10000 credits per increase (can be done 3 times).
  • info <route>: Shows information about the specified route.

Note: remove, cost, and expedite must be done in the room with the relevant shuttle, or in the shuttle itself.

Usable docks: afel, alderaan, bespin, bimmisaari, borleias, carida, centerpoint, corellia, coruscant, crseih, dagobah, dantooine, eichbaum, endor, gamorr, honoghr, kashyyyk, kessel, kwenn, myrkr, ord, rodia, ryloth, svs, soleada, sullust, tatooine, togoria, and (if the merchant has their own shop with a dock) shop