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Starting Your Own SWmud Character

To get a character on StarWarsMUD, the first thing you should try is logging in to the server and creating your character directly. When the screen asks: Please tell us your name:, then type in the character name you wish to have. If you are prompted for a password, then a character by that name already exists. If you are prompted whether this is definitely the name you wish to use, then press Y for yes or N for no, and continue from there. [* If you can't see what you are typing, click here for the likely explanation.]

You will then be asked for a password for your character. The security of your password is your own responsibility. If a sibling or friend gets your password, logs in, and suicides your character or gets it sitebanned and/or rid by the Administration, you will not be reimbursed or reinstated.

You will then be asked for a valid email address, usually the one which is provided by your ISP with your Internet connection. Free email accounts, such as Hotmail, are NOT acceptable for character creation. See the SWmud rules regarding email.

At this point your request will be processed by the server. If the server continues your character creation at this time, you are not blocked and may continue the process. If your IP address is blocked for any reason (perhaps you share the IP address of someone who has been blocked previously by the Administration), then you will be instructed to email a character request instead.

To send a request for a character, you may use the Law Contact form. You may want to consider listing a second-choice character name in case your first choice is taken.

Please be patient when waiting for a response. Mailing multiple times is not necessary. You will receive a response as soon as your request is processed. If it has been several days and you have not received a response, send a notice through the Comment form.

Thank you for your interest!

— Star Wars MUD Administration

* If you type but no text appears on the screen as you type, it is most likely that you are, in fact, typing in the characters but you just can't see them on your (local) monitor. In other words, you're typing the text blindly and hoping you get it right before you press 'Enter', at which point the server will process what you have typed and return more information to you normally. This feature is usually known as the 'Local Echo' in your telnet application, and you need to turn it on. The method of changing the 'Local Echo' depends on the application being used, but it is usually in the application's preferences or options. If you cannot find this setting in the application, I suggest going to and downloading one of the freeware or shareware telnet or MUD clients listed on their Clients page. These programs usually have an easy to find 'Local Echo' checkbox in their program options.

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