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Current SWMUD Coders

" More fun than a Sluissi trying to wear a thong! "

This page was last updated on: May 28, 2011


Head of PK, Head of Guild

"You ain't gonna have a minute's peace."
-Clyde Barrow-

Co-founder, Head of High Mortals

Ivan is more myth than man. Sightings are few, and limited to witnesses of questionable credibility. He has been around since Dwarfer was a boy, is Lord-General of the Eichbaumian Union and Sarcastic Laureate of SWmud. You probably couldn't name five things the Shadowy One has done, but he can idle like God had not intended mere man and that's pretty special. Ivan doesn't think he can break enough just writing areas, so you'll find most of his work buried in the mudlib and other hard-to-debug places.

Head of Space

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... Well, okay, it was only the early seventies in the northeastern part of Ohio – a momentous moment occurred. A doctor dropped a small little tyke onto the floor – head first. Hmm... Momentous. Mentous. Mentos! And so it began. For all of his life, from that first taste of freefall to the unpleasant "thunk" of his head hitting the floor shortly after, he became obsessed with flight. Many times through the years, he could be found jumping off of things and invariably whacking his head against large, hard, ground-shaped objects. He progressed to leaps from the tops of picnic tables. (Thud) Then on to jumps from third-story windows. (Smack) At this point, he realized that there were better ways to get that floating-thwack combination that was so irresistible. He moved on to cars. (SMASH) Then to aircraft. (CRASH) And now, finally, space flight. It is Mentos' supreme wish that as many people possible can learn the joyful sensation of smacking headfirst at full speed into large immobile objects. That's why he's responsible for space.

Head of Jedi, Head of Balance, Head of Race

Morgan started playtesting on SWmud in April 1994, became a High Mortal, and then playtested on SWmud 2.0 (the current mud) when SWmud returned. He was sponsored by his mudwife Feor in December, 1996 and started coding his first planet – Ryloth. Morgan became Head of Race in May, 1997, and Head of Jedi in February, 1998. He also inherited Head of Balance at some point, though he's still attempting to pawn it off on some other admin. He has coded 2 planets (Hoth and Ryloth), and helped with 4 others (Honoghr, Kwenn Station, Sullust, and Yavin), has added 12 races to the mud (Bimm, Bothan, Falleen, Gamorrean, Gand, Gungan, Ithorian, Sluissi, Togorian, Trandoshan, Verpine, and Zabrak), and is responsible for most of the HM Jedi skills, along with the separation of team and Jedi alignment.


Zurk was born in 1836 in Munchen, Germany. He has traveled the world twice on foot and once by kayak. He has been seen hanging out at some of the most prestigious schools in the world, although to date, no one has actually seen him _inside_ the schools. Zurk took up writing at the precious age of 72 when he realized that he couldn't code worth a hill of beans. He sold his multi-billion dollar software company, and moved into a refrigerator box near the Mexican border. With his only possession, a sooped-up laptop, and a hacked link to the net, he began his writing career. His other works include: 'To Rid a Mockingwiz', 'The French Wiz's Wife', 'War & Peace', and the children's classic, 'Goodnight Wiz'.


Area Assistant


Head of Clans, PK Assistant


Head of Area, Guild Assistant

Willow joined the ranks of the SWmud, addicted 30 minutes before midnight on December 31, 1999 with her first character, and has been in love ever since. Willow herself was created on February 18, 2003 and wizzed on April 14, 2003, sometime after Morgan lost the last of his sanity and sponsored her. A Star Wars fan since birth, Willow has always had a deep fondness for Tatooine, which is why recoding and expanding the overgrown sandbox is her pet project. She also stands among the dedicated Area wizards, an even more (but happily so) insane subset of the wizard staff.



Shmoove ...period

Area Assistant





Guild Assistant

Despite accusations to the contrary, Ichthus is not a stinky fish.  He is, in point of fact, an ultra intelligent, vaguely demised fish.  He hails from the sewers of Berchest where he would loot, kill, pillage, and burn.  (Remember that burn _always_ comes last.)  He now hides in a large aquarium in the skies above Coruscant and can be found meddling with the occasional bit of bug that finds its way to the surface.

Player Council Assistant





Xaar started playing on SWmud in the very early days, July, 1994. He joined the Imps as a newbie, and signed the book. On his way up to level 17 Jedi (lightning was the ultimate goal back then), he formed the Imperial killing squad and wreaked havoc on rebel pkers. Once wizzing, he helped Zurk out with law. After the famed "Dwarfer Incident", Xaar became a moff and worked hard with the remaining wizards to revamp the Jedi system. With college graduation, "a real job", and getting married, Xaar retired from SWmud to pursue these new avenues. He came back in 2000 as a player, and began working his way back up the wiz ranks. He can now be seen cheering the Colorado Avalanche from various places on Corellia or Endor, and coding strange items to annoy players.





Liria has been playing SWmud since March 1998. She's only had 2 characters on the mud. The first was a Twi'lek Sci/Smug/Light Jedi that she took to 19x3 and suicided in July 1998. The second (and current until she became a wizard) is a Twi'lek Dark Jedi/Smug/Sci/Dip that she took to HM 37/30/19/15. Before becoming a coder, she assisted in the writing of several player-written areas, including the current Yavin and some pieces of Sullust; the others have not yet made it into the mud. Her current project is the New Republic's Pinnacle Base on the moon Da Soocha V.

  • Fromper - Founder, Galactic Juggler
  • Kryyshk - Co-founder
  • Rayooz - Co-founder
  • Striker - Co-founder
  • Dwarfer - Founder (Lost, Presumed Fed)
  • Rustitobuck
  • Justicar
  • Alexus
  • Mlan
  • Sweepy
  • Panther
  • Feor
  • H'tan
  • Khayyin
  • Torei
  • Amethyst
  • Kerowyn
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