> set

set colors [0/16/256]
set combat color [on/off]
set fast login [on/off]
set wrap width [number]
set break height [number]
set timezone [timezone]
set map [on/off]
set gmcp [on/off]
set discord [game/profile/off]
set ascii only [on/off]

You can use this command to change settings!

<set>: Show basic display settings.
<set [setting] [option]>: Change the setting.

Here are some of the settings. Check <set> to see available options for each setting.

colors: Choose how many colors the MUD will use. 256 recommended.
combat color: Add a bit of color to combat messages (based on damage).
brief rooms: Use short room descriptions.
brief combat: Shorten some combat messages.
fast login: Skip some of the login messages.
wrap width: How wide should the MUD's messages should be
break height: How many lines appear for paged information.

Additionally, the player can view and change settings from other skills and commands, like so:

<set all> to see *all* settings you have access to.
<set gags> to see all gag settings.
<set misc> to see some miscellaneous other settings.
<set guilds> to see all guild settings.
<set [guild name]> to see all settings of a particular guild.
<set [setting] [option]> to change the setting.

NOTE: This is a player command. Any resemblance to actual Hutts, living or idle, is entirely coincidental.