Here at SWmud, we decided to take a Star Wars plot line and use it as the basis for our decision on whether or not there should be player killing. Thus, the teams were formed. The two teams are the Rebels and the Imperials. There is also a third, unaligned group known as the Neutrals. While they're not affiliated with either the Rebels or Imperials, if they choose to sign the book, they become player-killable by both sides.

And yes, to become player-killable you need to register on here. A choice was made at one point that each player should be given the choice to just play normally, or take the risks involved in player-killing. The sign up for becoming player-killable is on Coruscant.

You have a "buffer" for staying on your team. This buffer is explained in 'panic alignment'.

There are penalties for switching teams. Only Neutrals may change to Imperial or Rebel for free. The penalties for changing from Rebel to Neutral or Imperial to Neutral are as follows:

The penalties are harsh, but that is to limit the team switching to make the mud more role-played. Also note there is no penalty for going FROM a Neutral team to one of the others.

You also receive a team line if you are part of the Rebellion or the Empire. To use it just use "team" as the command. It works like any other line. Neutral players have an equivalent line ("neutral"), but "team" will not work as a command for that line, as Neutrals are not technically a "team."

Please note that team alignment (rebel/neutral/imperial) is separate from Jedi alignment (light/dark). Only Jedi have a Jedi alignment; non-Jedi have a Jedi alignment of 0.