High Mortal players can purchase a villa on one of the following planets: (A '*' means the location is not yet available.)

Af'ElCoruscant StationHothRoche (Shantipole)
AlderaanCrseih StationKashyyykRodia
BespinDantooineKorribanSluis Van Shipyards*
BimmisaariDeath Star*Kwenn Space StationSullust
CenterpointGamorrOrd MantellYavin

Villa entrances are usually located near planetary docks, but there are some exceptions, depending on the planet's layout.

Important villa syntaxes:


When used in the villa office, this will allow eligible HMs to begin creating or remodeling their villas. Charges will not be made to the player's bank account until all choices are finalized. Further instructions are provided in the construction shell.

     invite [player]

Invites the specified player to the owner's home from the villa lobby, shop, or bar.

     scan handprint

Grants the homeowner access to his home from the villa lobby, shop, or bar.


If you have an existing villa at another location, this will let you transfer it to the current office for a nominal fee. The transfer process can only occur once every ten days, to avoid ripping holes in the fabric of space and time.

If you are remodeling your villa, please remove all equipment, droids, and bodyguards you wish to keep before doing so.

Lastly, it should be noted that several villas were player submitted projects. The SWmud staff would like to give considerable thanks to Ursa, Andreia, and Khayman for their time and effort in this area.