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SWMUD Rogues' Gatherings Gallery

This page was last updated on: November 10, 2007

If you'd like your mud gathering pics to be added to this page, submit it to the webmaster along with the character names of those players in attendance, the names of those specifically in the photo, the area or function at which you met, the month and year, and any other fun events or details.

Nashville '07 Left to right: Ichthus, Liria, Glunt, Hokie, Gollum, Volshan
Malaysia '07 Left to right: Mocking, Nuke, Khayman, Duke, Ursa
Washington '07 #1 Left to right (top):
Mino, Mahain, Javelin
Washington '07 #2 Left to right (top):
Javelin, Bree, Mino
Malaysia '06 Left to right (top):
Duke, Khayman, Ursa, Mordan
Atlanta '06 #1
Atlanta '06 #2
Left to right:
Left to right:
Liria, Ichthus, Mysta
Ruune, Ichthus, Liria
Norfolk '06 Left to right (top):
Ariell, Javelin, Spiffy
K'tee, mini H'tan/K'tee hybrid, Zaad
San Diego '06 Left to right: Mobile, Javelin, Courtney, Volshan
(Mobile met Javelin separately from the rest.)
Australia '05-'06 Left to right: Frenchie, Bang, Disaster, Harna, Judsy, Volcve, Echino, Mocking, Maestro (and a stray torpedo)
Also there: Ryken, Qbit, Marlin
Finland '05 Left to right: Greel, Raven, Tade
Michigan '05 Left to right (top):
Tallman, Sidiasus
Ursa's cousin, Ursa, Etheus, Ross
Nashville '05 Left to right: Kyandalf, Torei, Morgan, Kerowyn, Mysta, Coraline, Volshan, Ichthus, Liria
Christmas '04 Left to right: Mekki, Matellinc, Ocker, Chwar
Ft. Lauderdale '04 Left to right: Ursa, (the elusive juggling) Fromper
Nick's Pizza '04 Left to right: Bigsithmaster, Kaida, Ariell
Singapore '04 Left to right: Ack, Ursa
UWA Albany '04 Left to right: Judsy, Maestro (standing), Bang, DIsaster
Conyers '04 Left to right (top): Canton, Ruune, Dyos
(seated): Zardon, Daria, Alera
Cincinnati '03 Left to right: Neeja, Liria, Taranis
London '03 Left to right: Wings, Ursa
Wizzes in FL '03-2 Left to right: Morgan, Amethyst, Ivan
Wizzes in Florida '03 Left to right: Khayyin, Aerin, Ivan, Morgan
Finland '03, August Left to right: Greel, Raven, Avenger, Feor
Also there: Escoh (who snuck out of the picture)
Vancouver '03 Left to right (top):
Red, Javelin, Tantrum, Faith
(bottom): Tiktikboom, Ether, Taunto, Tigwyk, Marius
Quebec '03, April Left to right: Rocky, Sead, Bluebomber, Rashiko, Turk, Apoc, Deppie
Also there: Brysk (represented by the bottle of Brisk)
Vancouver '02 Left to right:
Cstymiest, Tigwyk, Tiktikboom
Also there: Marius (holding camera)
6/28 Graduation '01 Left to right: Rerek, Drysso, Ether, Bottler, Taunto, Jible
Finland '01 Left to right: Seven, Escoh, Raven, Feor
Also there: Avenger (holding camera)
Netherlands '01 Left to right (top): Bugsy, Mordan, Kisada, Skip, Jillo, Gemma, Greel
(bottom): Feor, K'tee & H'tan, Remco, Balder, Revenge
Also there: Avenger (holding camera)
Htan's Gathering '00 Left to right (top):

Caine, H'tan

(middle): K'tee
(bottom): Zaad [w/Dylandalf], Spencer, Alanna, Mysta [w/Ethandalf], Asalyn, Shmoove
Also there: Kyandalf (holding camera)
Netherlands '00 FULL PAGE: Players listed underneath the images on the page.
Malaysia '99 Left to right (top):
Ursa, Rennard
  (bottom): Duke, Sheerabi, Jasmin (not on SWmud), Abdahr
Pennsylvania '99 Left to right:
Messiah, Shmoove, Grinch, H'tan, Caine
Also there: Zaad
Atlanta '98 Left to right: Liria, Morgan, and Luka
Canada '98 Left to right:
Quis, Sweepy, Luka (w/daughter), Archvillain
Also there: Lucas, Delvar, Zoie, Spencer
Feor's Gathering '98 Left to right: Feor, Skip, Bugsy, Jillo, Mordan, Tade, Dazer, Hagge, Kisada, Revenge
Washington D.C. Left to right:
Archvillain, Luka (w/daughter), H'tan, K'tee
Also there: Logorythm, Shmoove
Pensacola '97 Left to right:
Sauron, Luka (w/daughter), Stonewall, Feor, Death
Also there: Rooster
Wizzes in Florida '97 Left to right (top):
Striker, Zurk, Feor, Mlan
(bottom): Fuschia, Morgan
GenCon '97 Left to right:
Shmoove, Bookie, Rynin, Goofy, Archvillain, Luka
Also there: Lucas, Jochim
Las Vegas Left to right: Phase, Kerowyn, Alanna, Jochim
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