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SWMUD Married Rogues' Photo Gallery

This page was last updated on: February 16, 2008

Some of our players met on Star Wars MUD, fell in love, got married, and still mud together. Others may not have met on SWmud, but still choose to spend as much time together online as they do off-line. This page is dedicated to our married mudders. Want your photo and story posted? Submit them to the webmaster.

Jakko & Slayde
Jakko and Slayde were married in 1997.

Alanna & Spencer
Spencer and Alanna first met back in October 1996 on SWmud. With the mud shutdown in February '97, Spencer finally worked the nerve to phone Alanna and things just took off. They were mudmarried in March. These two birds finally got to meet in June '97 when Alanna traveled to Canada. Thanks to Sweepy and Quis for all their help. Spencer traveled to Utah, USA for Christmas and proposed to Alanna while she was on Santa's knee. Countless hours of mudding and phone calls were logged until July 1998, when they married (IRL) in Utah with Delvar as the best man.

Jenna & Herc
Herc & Jenna met on MIRC on a Star Trek Simulation Group. Jenna had heard about the mud from some people there and told Herc about it and he came over to the mud. They didn't really know each other very well until they started hanging out here. That was back in June of 1997. They mud married on October 9th, 1997 or somewhere thereabout.

As to real life, they have been good friends with Mysta & Kyandalf since 1999. Herc and Jenna met in person for the first time in December of 1998 at Mysta & Kyandalf's SWmud New Years Eve party. They married on September 29, 2000 in Virginia Beach, VA.

They've been Herc & Jenna for so long now it's kind of a part of them. Their license plate even says HRC & JEN. :) The mud was definately a part in bringing them together, first as friends, who became best friends which led to much much more. They're very happy and they'll be mudding for some time to come, that's for sure. :)

Ravinde & Heimdall
They were not looking for or expecting what they found. He was just looking for friends. She was exploring the depths of her first mud. In the sims he had been a helpful stranger to her but they were destined to meet again. They meet again on Bimm, where she was mapping out the forest and digging around in the dirt. He was there to explore and collect lumber but managed to get lost in the huge forest. They quickly became friends and there seemed to be a force that bonded them, from there things grew and they where mud wed on 04-18-00, from that day on they where inseparable. She left home in the middle of July and traveled around the world to visit him and before she returned home the plans where made for her soon return. In the last days of October she returned to him and on the turkey day of that year they were wed in a small country church. They both continued to play on the mud and were always re-wed as he thrived on exploring the different races and guilds.

Ichthus & Liria
Ichthus and Liria had known of each other for many years, but never really talked a whole lot. Then Ichthus would 'cide and create a new name, and they'd lose touch until he needed to say something to her for some reason; then he'd tell her it was him. Oddly enough, when reading RN posts, Liria would note that a particular author was very 'articulate', and then a few weeks later the author would turn out to be Ichthus' new character name. This cycle repeated three times, and then she lost touch with him for several months.

One day in mid-August 2003, Liria read a post and thought, "This guy's pretty articulate. I wonder if it's him.", but he hadn't said anything to her if it was him, so she didn't ask. Not a week later, when working on this web site, 'Taranis' sent her a tell to change his picture over from his previous char name to his current one, and she sent back, "I *censored* KNEW IT!" This surprised him, because he didn't know she'd paid that much attention to him over the years. They began talking more because of this incident and decided to meet in early September.

They were engaged in November and married on Friday, March 19, 2004. To this day, Ichthus likes to tell everyone that: "She had me at 'I *censored* KNEW IT!' " [a la Jerry McGuire]

Fyn & Janx
Fyn met Janx online in late April of 1997. She was trying to nip chocolate chip cookies from his trouser pockets back then. After getting to know each other quite well he invited her to come live in the upper midwest. So, August 29th of 1997 she packed up her best and coolest stuff and two cats and drove far inland. Janx tried repeatedly to interest her in online muds but she was pretty burnt by a bad experience in a previous one and shied away. Finally, on December 29th of 1999 he made a breakthrough! He pointed out the Ithorian race and how it was structured very differently so she would not have to hack and slash to have fun. After that she was hooked here. Janx and Fyn were handfasted on Midsummer of 1999 and have been messing about in wedded bliss ever since. Both cats, Duke the six-toed wondercat and Jazz, are happy about all this.

Eidoj & Mahain
Eidoj and Mahain, the happily married couple. They met in May of 2005 when Mahain tricked Eidoj into hanging out with him. A week later they were inseparable. In November, Mahain asked Eidoj to marry him and joined the military the same month so he could guarantee her a home, food and love. They were married in March of 2006 and 8 days later he was shipped off to boot camp. In January 2007 they found out that Eidoj was pregnant. Happy Birthday Mahain! In April, Mahain was deployed and Eidoj started mudding. Mahain got back in September just in time to see little baby Dresden be born. What a way to start a family: Marriage, deployment, mudding and kids all in less than 2 years. Through it all they are still very happily married.

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