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What is SWmud?

Star Wars mud is a radically modified LPmud based on the Star Wars Universe. SWmud is not a role-playing MUD, though role-playing is not forbidden as long as it is within the rules. We do not have a particular theme or time period on which we are based, though most of the MUD is roughly set during the original trilogy of movies and a few years of the Expanded Universe thereafter. We have around 40 planets and space stations coded, averaging between 150-200 rooms each, with some areas nearing 1000 rooms.

Characters are based on five attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Technical, Mechanical, and Force. Also during creation you will choose 1 of 22 races and 1 of 3 teams: Imperial, Rebel, or Neutral. We also have 10 guilds and you choose up to 3 of them, with the ability to choose a fourth after you attain certain levels. After you create, you have the option of running through our Newbie School (recommended for brand new players to SWmud). We also have a Newbie Line for new players to ask questions, to be answered by the wizards and more experienced Newbie Helpers. We also have an extensive set of panic (help) files which players can use to look up most of the gameplay information themselves - all of these help files are also available on our website.

Click here for a more detailed description of the mud, or check out Star Wars MUD now at

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