> sense

sense [what]
sense [what] [direction]
sense [what] here
sense jedi
sense farsight [on/off]
sense disturbance [on/off]
Usable by: Any Jedi (level 5)

This skill allows a Jedi to use the force to perceive a deeper reality, not this crude matter.

Jedi of level 8 or higher may sense remotely (using [direction]).

At level 9, a jedi may toggle her ability to <sense disturbance> in the force, which includes sensing major events in the galaxy, and when other player lands on your current planet.

By level 12, a jedi may <sense jedi> to get a list of other jedi on their planet, with a relative description of their mastery of the force, and their jedi alignment.

Finally, at level 15, a jedi can sense living beings anywhere on their planet, without having to specify a direction. The results cannot always be trusted for mobs. Also at level 15, a Jedi may toggle her sense of being watched with <sense farsight>.